Faith Shakti Heyliger is a metaphysical Harlem-born performing poet. With a voice, present, alert, and awake to a fire that burns deep within, Faith's speech is force of nature, a constant dawn.

Discovering a love for reading and writing as a young girl, her passion blossomed over the years into an impulse, a necessity, and eventually a life long practice and pursuit. 

Her writing has been described as sense-ational, actively engaging body, mind, and spirit. A graduate from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Faith focuses on the Self Work, reveling in those questions, emotions, and situations that resonate deeply with those parts of ourselves which we keep hidden. Her poetry seeks the divine in her earthliness, embracing the duality inherent to our humanity; her poetry makes us come alive.

In 2015, Faith co-wrote a show titled 'Root of Water' which was performed 9 months later at the Alchemical Theater in New York City. Her poetry has been published a few online publications (Blackmail Reader, Digging Through the Fat, WNYC), and one print literary magazine, tNY (the Newer York). She has performed on a variety of stages throughout New York (Le Poisson Rouge, Joe's Pub, Peridance, to name a few) and on the radio (The Lot Radio & WIOX). From 2016 to 2019, Faith was a Full-Time Artist-in-Residence at the Byrdcliffe Art Colony in Woodstock, New York. 


Currently, Faith is working on launching a fundraising campaign to self-publish her first book, The Love Letter: a visual poem and collaboration with artist Rasa Vaisviliate. She is also has a few other projects in the works, including a chapbook, two novels, and a tarot collection.

After 30 years on the East coast, this New York City native moved in December of 2019 to Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and her dog Leeloo. Currently, she is working on a serialized novel, a tarot collection, and another book of poetry. She is also a freelance editor specializing in content and line editing for various fiction authors. 


Photography by Brian Thomas 

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