A tribute to love in all its forms, Faith Shakti Heyliger's epic poem, The Love Letter, reveals the heart's speech. More than a love poem, it is a celebration of the act of creation itself—the divine muse. For love is the creative fire that stokes the transformation of spirit. 

Now fully illustrated, we present

the Love Letter

Limited Edition Book

written by Faith Shakti Heyliger

illustrated by Rasa Vaišvilaitė

Produced by Josh Raab

Wild women, ancient youths, these two artists from opposite ends of the earth integrated their creative gifts to produce a visual poem that is unique and universal, timely and timeless, human and heroic—all at once.


Faith's poetic voice inspired artist Rasa Vaišvilaitė's vision for the artwork, resulting in earnestly whimsical illustrations, which interact and energize the poetry in profound and surprising ways:

the result, a conversation of deep play between the poet and artist that fosters a heartfelt exploration into the nature of being and the foundation of compassion. 

With each turn of the page, the reader's imagination runs feral and free, absorbed in the fusion of text and imagery that is a love letter for the 21st Century.

Now that the manuscript and illustrations are complete, only the assembly of the bound book is left.  Follow our Kickstarter page launching Monday, July 6th, 2020. Your donations will allow for the fabrication, production, and limited publication of The Love Letter.


A labor of love, four years in the making, The Love Letter Limited Edition Book will be Faith and Rasa’s first publication both as individuals and as collaborators.

© All Materals Copyright by Faith Shakti Heyliger
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Excerpt from The Love Letter Book

Rasa Vaisvilaite | Faith Shakti Heyliger